Old London Road Pre-School (OLRPS), a registered charity since 2000, offers children aged between two and five a secure play environment in which they can learn and develop into happy, confident, competent individuals. The pre-school was originally set up by Pat Crisp in the early 1970s. It was closed briefly, then re-launched by Janet Audley- Charles in September 1999, registered for 12 children.

Parents make up the Old London Road Pre-School Management Committee, which oversees the organisation’s management, following the constitution of the Pre-School Learning Alliance.

Parents are welcome to view the constitution, along with all the pre-school policies in the office. The OFSTED report
and latest newsletter are on the notice board in the corridor.


We aim to ensure that all children are offered equal opportunities to develop their full potential, endeavouring to help and encourage all children to develop a wellrounded sense of their own value and worth.

We celebrate diversity, welcoming children of every race, creed, culture and ability; an approach that we believe enriches the life of the pre-school for children, staff and parents alike.

For most of our children, pre-school offers them the first opportunity to meet and socialise regularly with adults and other children outside of the family unit.

We help them make the most of this opportunity, by providing a happy and secure environment in which they can gain valuable self-respect and self-confidence through various activities.

We fully appreciate the importance of these early years in a child’s longer-term development, and aim to provide warm and consistent care that is flexible and sensitive to their individual needs.

We offer this in a stimulating environment which allows them to progress at their own natural pace. This, together with our practical understanding of the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of preschoolers, provides our children with an ideal springboard from which confident, secure and successful schooling can follow.


My daughter Amelie started at Old London Road last September and my husband and I couldn’t be happier. The staff are professional, warm, nurturing, motivated and always upbeat. They go above and beyond to ensure each child settles in quickly and gets the most out of each day. The Tapestry system is fantastic – regularly updated with photos and information about Amelie’s progress. Most importantly, Amelie herself loves Old London Road and jumps out of bed with excitement on the days she is attending. She always comes home happy, talking about her day and what she has been up to. The staff were hugely supportive when we had our second child in January and helped make the transition to big sister much easier for us, providing her with a ‘Big sister’ card and talking to her about the new arrival. OLR is 100% deserved of its ‘Outstanding’ rating and any child that attends is incredibly lucky to do so.

Parent of child