The pre-school offers a variety of services, including:

Morning session Mon – Fri
9:15 – 12:00
Under 3: £20.35
Lunch Club after morning session* Mon – Fri
12:00 – 12:30
Afternoon session Mon – Fri
12:15 – 3:00
Under 3: £20.35
Lunch Club before afternoon session* Mon – Fri
Start at 12:00
All-day care* Mon –Fri
9:15 – 3:00
Under 3: £42.55

*Please provide your child’s lunch in a suitable container, with an ice pack to keep the food cool.

At the start of the term after a child turns 3 they are entitled to up to 15 hours funded care (If we have space available).
Any additional sessions will be charged at £7.40 per hour.

OLRPS is a non-profit-making organisation. Income from fees is used to pay the rent, staff wages and insurance, and pay for equipment and other necessities. Bills are issued termly, and fees are payable at the beginning of each term. Parents should speak to the pre-school leader if there is a problem. The pre-school is registered to receive childcare vouchers from several organisations, including Edenred, Computershare, Sodexo, Care-4 and Fideliti. All absences, whether planned or due to ill-health, must be paid for. Please give half a term’s notice if your child is to leave the pre-school.

Government Funding

At the present time, government funding is available for children in the term after their second birthday if the families can provide evidence of being in receipt of certain state benefits and are able to satisfy other criteria. Please ask for details or more information is available on the Government website. Please note this government funding is not guaranteed and is out of our control.

In the term after the third birthday, all children are entitled to have access to up to 15 hours of pre-school care without payment. If your child is entitled to 30 hours childcare, only a maximum of 15 hours per week can be claimed at Old London Road, with the remaining 15 hours to be shared with another provider.

The government funding only covers a certain number of sessions each term: you will receive a bill for any amounts over this. The funding situation is constantly changing. Please ask the pre-school leader for the latest details.


I am so grateful to the OLR staff for everything and please send my thanks to Michelle especially. Max and I both love preschool and I really wish I could have been there today to tell that to the Ofsted inspectors!

Parent of child